Who Are We?

Teacherlive  is a virtual alternative to traditional home or coaching classes based “tuitions” or “tutoring”. Teacherlive, an Online Tutoring provider replicates traditional face to face coaching with live Online and interactive tutoring incorporating state of the art virtual methods of teaching namely – interactive whiteboards, live video chats, interaction and sharing of teaching and learning tools and resources.

Teacherlive is a part of multinational Knowledgucate Group of Institutions headquartered in the UAE. Knowledgucate owns and operates a chain of playschools, K-12 schools, Pre-University Colleges, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree colleges as well as a University in India. It also owns and operates educational institutions in the UAE and the United Kingdom besides offering programmes in the Online space.

Know more about how this works?

Online Tuitions

Students can avail live and interactive facilities of traditional tutoring on a virtual platform from the comfort of their home at their convenient time.

Choice of Courses

Structured courses offered for CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IB, IGCSE boards and also for University entrance preparation through SAT, GMAT & GRE.

Online Library

Students can get exclusive access to interactive eBooks Library where they can make notes online and revise as per their convenience.

Empowering Learning

Web based tutoring solutions help to develop skills and competencies that help in enhancing performance and scoring high.

Why teacherlive?

Online Tutoring with teacherlive is a better option than traditional tutoring.

Access to Global Teachers

Tutoring provided by specially trained, well experienced and qualified teachers.

Choices for Adaptive Learning

Exclusive customized sessions for personalized learning, doubt clearance and revisions.

Lower Costs

Affordable tuition fee with no cost of commuting time and inconvenience of fixed hour classes.

What Makes Us Special?

Expert and Certified Teachers

Our teachers follow a student-centric approach to address every student’s unique learning needs by maximizing the student’s engagement with the learning experience.

Replay of Live Sessions: Anywhere/Anytime

Student can replay any of the LIVE sessions any number of times for review or revision. Our technology enables the session to play seamlessly on lower bandwidth and on any device.

Detailed Performance Reports

Our well-defined evaluation process provides feedback and performance reports for parents and students to keep a tab on learning improvements and achievements.

Innovative Teaching Platform

Our cutting-edge technology ensures maximum student participation with the use of whiteboards, text chats, audio and video chats, file sharing, etc. to even surpass the benefits of traditional coaching.